August 10, 2010

Why no love for the Hong sisters?


Seriously… with the exception of My Girl and My Sassy Girl Chun-hyang, it seems that Pinoys have no love for the rom-com works of the Hong sisters. Why place them on afternoon timeslots when most people are either at work or in school? He’s Beautiful (a.k.a. You’re Beautiful) deserves a primetime audience. Never mind if the plot is quite superficial. The guys alone are eye-candy enough. I hate seeing it suffer the same fate that befell Fantasy Couple, a drama which happens to be one of my favorites. You gotta show the sisters some respect! They’re my writing gods after all. But like all writers, there’s a pattern in their works. Probably in a separate post I shall discuss more about “You know you’re watching a Hong sisters’ drama when…” ;)

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