October 6, 2010

Confessions of a Blackberry Newbie

“Hi, I'm Rose... and I'm a CrackBerry...”

We gave in. I don't text much. I don't even call anyone on my mobile unless it's necessary. So when my mom offered to buy me and my sister a new phone, I was kind of hesitant. Given that we share ownership (my sis and I) of the nifty gadget, I still get to use it mostly when I go to work.

Who knew canvassing for a new phone can be so tedious? Dad suggested a Nokia C3, but my sister found it too juvenile for her taste. So we ended up going for a BB. It scared us shitless reading of horror stories online on how "some" people had a difficult experience subscribing to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). But thankfully, everything went smoothly for us.

It's funny though how people always assume I'm on a postpaid plan when they see my phone. Surprise, surprise... I'm on prepaid!:) Do not be afraid of going on a budget. I think it works for us since we're not really into calling and texting a lot, it's just the BIS we're after these days.

So if you're planning on getting a BB prepaid kit (from GLOBE, at least), here are some items you need to remember:
  1. Text the following keywords -
    BB ON 50 (1 day)
    BB ON 220 (5 days)
    BB ON 1300 (1 month)
  2. Send it to 8888
  3. Once you receive the confirmation message, hit reply and text BB YES.
  4. As soon as GPRS and EDGE are all in capslock, you're good to go.
  5. If you don't want to be charged for data services (browsing at P5/15 mins) while on BIS, always remember to follow the steps below:
    - Go to OPTIONS > Advanced Options > TCP/IP
    - Uncheck APN Settings Enabled
Enjoy your BB experience! :)

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