October 17, 2011

American Reunion: Still naughty as ever…

Jim and his friends are back! For me they were the characters who truly defined the American Pie series. I’d rather think those straight-to-DVD ones never existed in the first place. :) Just recently, the first teaser had been released for American Reunion. Jim and Michelle are now married and have a kid together. The humor is still naughty as ever but I don’t think this will discourage people who grew up in that generation from seeing this next year. Don't you just love nostalgia trips?

It’s so nice to see the original cast-members reunite for this. Although Tara Reid looks surprisingly good in the photo, I cannot say the same thing for Mena Suvari. And what happened to Thomas Ian Nicholas’ boyish charms?!? Stifler’s mom will definitely make another surprising appearance in this flick and that I cannot wait to see.

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