October 16, 2011

Fantastic + Fabulous Sunday

The Sundays of October have been nothing but great so far. I’ve been out and about with friends for dinner, catching up with what’s the latest in our lives these days. Isa and I have agreed to make this a bi-monthly event, given that we’re the only ones from our circle of friends who happen to live in the same city until now. Sometimes you have to take an extra step in the name of friendship. Xtian’s visit this week was an added bonus. She was in town to celebrate her big 3-0. Can you believe that? My friends and I (save for one who’s celebrating hers in December) are now officially three decades younger.

It was a full-packed Sunday spent starting with a mani-pedi session at Hollywood Nails, then off for coffee at Starbucks before killing time at Xtian’s hotel room while waiting for the 7PM dinner with former college classmates.

Our nails after that mani-pedi sesh at Hollywood Nails. No nail-art for me...
Isa and Xtian w/ my sister (Sheila, who's a KJ in front of the camera ^___^)
My sister took this shot at Xtian's hotel room
The group right after dinner at PINO Restaurant
It’s funny how dinner conversations go about lately when we have our get-togethers. From individual careers, the topic usually shifts to planning trips abroad with the group by next year. I nod absent-mindedly knowing for a fact that I do not have a passport yet. Maybe this is a sign that I should get one before the year ends.

To end, I chose to remember this day for the good vibes it brought me and my sister. People who wish to pull our spirits down will never succeed. After all, there’s still November to look forward to.

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