October 27, 2011

BAMF: Person of Interest’s Jim Caviezel is ♥!

I am slowly warming up to Person of Interest. I don’t know how or why it suddenly got my attention. Perhaps it was the fact that Jim Caviezel is one of its leads. Hey, the man still commands attention with his mere presence. The salt ‘n pepper hairstyle + the suits + his skills = one BAMF protagonist. I am totally digging his more mature image these days.

It's Edmond Dantes and Ben in one TV series!

Person of Interest pairs him up with LOST’s Michael Emerson, and together they make quite an unlikely tandem out to stop crime before it even happens. It’s an ambitious plot, but I think Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams have their cards played out right. Think of it as Minority Report for TV + Big Brother. I’m currently on the second episode and I am forever amazed by how suave Reese (Caviezel’s character) executes every mission given to him by Finch (Emerson).

Wow, one more show on my weekly viewing list this year! 

Dear readers, what shows do you follow lately?

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