February 17, 2011

I have found my calling! Okay, sort of…

You see after weeks of practice, I realized I will never be as good as my sister behind the camera. I suck at finding the perfect angle. Portraits aren’t my thing. But thankfully, I seem to do well with food photography. See? This is why I’m getting fat.

It’s too bad we forgot to bring Yogi when we tried out Spaghetti Factory last Saturday. Sheila had Boscaiola while I chose Carbonara Alla Elizabeta. The servings were generous and we were quite fascinated with their pepper shaker. (I thought it was a baseball bat!) We didn’t even have to wait that long for our orders to be served. Pretty efficient. So yes, we’re definitely coming back one of these days. I, for one, cannot wait to try out the other pasta dishes in their menu.


  1. I'm at work and the lousy browser I'm allowed to use doesn't show most of a web page's images. So I have to wait till later tonight (Hope our destiny connection is okay na)

    Sayang naman, kaya ako I bring my camera with me every single day, cause I never know when a food photo opp might happen. Next time always try to bring your Yogi para more food pictures to share :P

  2. Tsk tsk, mahirap na calling yan! Masarap at masaya but you'll get fat nga! Pero I agree, your photos are very nice!

  3. Yes, they look good! nice blog!

  4. I like the vintage-y effect of the photos :) Nicely done sis

  5. Yup, I agree. I love the vintage feel too.

  6. @Madz - Sayang nga. We should've brought the camera when we went there. The place was worthy of being blogged pa naman sana.

    @Crix - Thanks!:) Next time I'll be busy photographing and too lazy to eat. Haha!

    @Sheenah, Sheng and Diane - Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by and I appreciate the comments on the photos.

  7. Thanks for mentioning spaghetti factory cebu. we'd like to share we now deliver.


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