February 13, 2011

This is my story (and yours too!)

firstloveWe finally had the chance to watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love this evening. I’d been seeing the title for quite sometime in message boards I visit although I never really paid attention to it. But thanks to FunnySexyPH, I was finally convinced to give this movie a chance. Hey, it’s Mario Maurer (who reminds me of a younger Francis Magalona) after all!

It’s easy to see how this became a hit by word of mouth. The characters are people you can relate to. Never mind if Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon (Kim Chiu, is that you?) is just too cute to play a plain Jane character. My sister and I found ourselves laughing at almost every scene. It was like being transported to high school and reliving all those memories you both cherished and would rather forget. Who never attempted to pass by their crush’s classroom (at the pretext of going to the comfort room) just to steal a glance? Or who never secretly squealed, in one way or another, when he actually acknowledged you for the first time?

How come we never make films like this? And no, I’m not talking about those teeny-bopper flicks. I’d like to see a Filipino rom-com flick make it big in other countries because really, there’s more to the Philippines than poverty, prostitution and homosexuality.

I’d like to say we all had a Chon in our lives. Someone who made us look forward to everyday life despite the disasters that come along with it. But like Nam, no one gets a happily-ever-after in a snap. Others wait for years. My own Chon might just be right around the corner. But I’m in no hurry. He'll come around. For now, I simply enjoy the company of my friends and my dearest family.


  1. This seems like a good movie! Might try to watch it one of these days! ^_^ Kakaaliw nga ang Thai drama. Tried watching it when I was in Bangkok and naalala ko ang mga dramas sa atin.

  2. I think, one of the reasons why our movies are not being known internationally, is the fact that the industry doesn't have the budget for it. Or doesn't have the time "subbing" the whole movie.

    one factor also, is the "negativity" Filipinos are sometimes. I mean, if you read comments on youtube, it wouldn't be comments of support, most of them are degrading. Like, "ang panget talaga ng pelikula." "*insert name of an artista here* ang panget mo, pokpok ka."

    Filipinos aren't that "supportive." And I'm gonna take Charice as an example, nobody cared about Charice and her talent until she got interviewed by Oprah.


    Nam also looked like Chynna Ortaleza before and after the transformation. She looked more like Kim Chui when she was being interviewed at the end. haha and their English teacher is so Pokwang! haha

  3. Hello :) Question, san nyo na download yung movie? meron ako nakikita sa torrents pero wala subtitle man lang :(

  4. @Karla - Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) So inggit of your Bangkok trip. You should watch this movie too. Totally a feel-good one.

    @Em - Oo nga, kamukha rin ni Chynna Ortaleza. So that makes her a cross between Alex Gonzaga/Kim/Chynna. Haha! But you're right, the crab mentality of some Pinoys make it really hard for our films to be successful internationally.

    @Lakwatsero - My sister found the torrent from Pirate Bay. Not really sure if the one she downloaded already included the subs as well.

  5. Hi Rose! :) I'm commenting here again to tell you that napanood ko na ang movie. Ang ganda nga nya and feel good talaga! ^_^ Thanks for recommending it.

    Kamukha nga nya si Chynna Ortaleza nung maikso pa buhok niya pero yung mahaba na hair niya, parang may hawig din siya kay Bianca Manalo (Bb Pilipinas Universe /Juanita Banana).

    Naaaliw din ako sa Pokwang look-alike na English teacher. At least nakakuha siya ng mas gwapong prince charming in the end. ;)

    Sayang talaga hindi ko nakita si Mario Maurer. :S May appearance pala siya nung Feb 8. e Feb 7 kami umalis ng Bangkok. Ang lapit pa naman nung mall kung saan siya may appearance.

    Btw, nabasa ko sa facebook na magkakaroon daw ng sequel ang movie! I hope totoo yun.:D

    Regarding Filipino films being known internationally, I hope that mas maging active tayo in producing movies with english subs or even uploading HD videos sa youtube. There were even people looking for A Very Special Love with english subtitles pero unfortunately, wala namang mahanap. :(


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