February 21, 2011

Riding the 'Tangled' loveboat

My Facebook and Twitter status over the weekend:
I enjoyed Tangled so much that I want 'I See The Light' to win Best Song at the Oscars. I ♥ you so much Zachary Levi!
My love for the guy grew exponentially after seeing the movie with my sister. Seriously, whenever he sings, the hotness factor just hits the roof. Tangled further sealed that for me. The movie was fun and heartwarming. For once Disney hit the jackpot casting lead actors who can also sing.

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore with TANGLED's directors, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard
I’m crossing my fingers that I get to wake up early on February 28 to watch him and Mandy Moore perform the song at the Oscars. They should win Best Song. They should!

* Photo swiped from Daylife


  1. I am also impressed with Zachary Levi aka Chuck! The first time I heard him was in the song Terrified, and I was WOWED, didn't knew he could sing like that. Tangled is such a nice movie no? A bit different than the other dainty Disney movies but I love it nonetheless :P

  2. Looks like an interesting movie. I should've chosen this over Season of the Witch, on our movie date last Valentine's. This would've been more apt for the occasion.

  3. I want to see Tangled :( and I'm going to check out Zachary Levi because I'm that curious :)

  4. @Madz - Terrified was a constant on my playlist for weeks. Haha! I don't even remember how many times I watched the music video on YT. And yes, Tangled was a nice way to interpret Rapunzel's story. I am so getting this on DVD.

    @Sheng - Ah yes, this would've been the perfect Valentine movie. It's cute without being too sappy.

    @Chew On This - Oh you should see the movie, sis. Kahit sa pirated lang. Hehe! (Although I still would recommend the real thing) And speaking of Zach Levi, I think I better do a catch-up of CHUCK episodes as well.

  5. I hope I can watch Tangled soon. I have also read posts from my friends in fb that they enjoyed the movie.

    I didn't know that Zachary Levi sang the theme song. I love his duet with Katharine Mcphee for Terrified and I'm as impressed with I see the light! ^_^

  6. Ooh, I actually played hooky from work just to see Tangled! Haha. Seriously. But it was so worth it. I love Rapunzel and her journey of self-discovery with Flynn. And it really made me miss having long hair. ;)


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