February 28, 2011

At last, Fried Oreos!

This sinfully delicious dessert first caught our attention during Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model. Yeah, blame Ann Ward for this. Haha! A fried cookie may sound repulsive at first but once you taste it you’d end up eating your words. To prepare you just need the following:
  • pancake mix
  • Oreo cookies
  • cooking oil
Freeze the Oreos for at least an hour, this is to make sure they don’t disintegrate once they are coated. Prepare the pancake mix according to package instructions. Heat oil. Coat cookies in the mix and deep-fry until golden brown. Others prefer to dust the cookies with confectioner’s sugar after frying but I prefer mine as is. 

It’s fun to experiment once in a while with recipes you see on TV. Oftentimes you’d be surprised at how it’ll turn out afterwards. Fried oreos should be a good snack alternative over the summer when my younger cousins come and visit. Word of advice, just take it in moderation.
Happy eating!


  1. Oh sis! I'm definitely going to try this one out. Curious kasi ako :) super.

  2. wow! im a ANTM fan too and was interested with this! Good thing you have remind me of this, will try it soon!!

  3. Haha just like you I knew fried oreos because of Ann Ward. I was actually surprised that Ann can eat so much junk food despite her thin frame! :D I hope I can try this out soon.

  4. Gusto ko ma try! Pag kasama ko si BF siguro. I love oreos! Not too sweet unlike Cream O :)

  5. I think masarap din 'to with Vanilla ice cream... Yummmm! :) I'll try to make this one soon! ;)

  6. @Anne, Marice and Karla - yeah, you should! Perfect comfort food. Pero hinay-hinay lang kasi too much can be nakaka-umay as well. This should be a hit with kids too.

    @Roan - Haha! Maka-tambok jud kaayo.

    @Madz - Go! 'Lemme know kung pasado sa taste buds mo. :)

    @Kai - ohhh... that's a nice suggestion! I'll try that the next time we prepare it.

  7. Looks interesting. Pero I'm not fond of Oreo. Ano kaya pwede i-subs?

  8. My sister makes wicked oreos too, they're yummy! I can't make a perfect one, I dunno why... Hahahahaha!


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