February 19, 2011

Pasta ala Sardines and Quickmelt Cheese

The inspiration for this dish came from Home Cooking RocksPasta ala Puttanesca. In case you haven’t known, my siblings and I are sworn pasta lovers. Usually during my restdays we cook it for dinner. Whatever’s left, we have it for midnight snacks. But after years of experimenting between tomato-based and cream-based sauces, we decided it was time for a change.

Sheila had always been fascinated about cooking pasta with only a few ingredients. A dish that’s less messy, much cheaper (at least for us) and easier to prepare. But the thing is, because other ingredients are hard to find, we usually end up substituting them for cheaper (but practical) alternatives. Take for instance this recipe. Parmesan cheese is too costly since we’re preparing this for just the three of us. So we opted for Quickmelt instead. We might try kesong puti next time just to be more innovative.

Pardon the photos, I cannot plate to save my life. It’s another art that we have to master in the future.


  1. hmmm, sarap! is that spanish sardines? one of my favorites in pasta is spanish sardines and of course lots and lots of cheese (kahit ano basta marami) :D

  2. I'm a pasta lover too! ^_^ However, I don't know how to cook.

    Btw, your dish looks delicious! Don't worry about the plating. It looks ok :)

  3. wow! i'm not a pasta lover. i only go gaga over spag, that's it. but your dish kinda changes my mind. haha!

    thanks for visiting my page sis! :-)

  4. wow! yummy food you got there!

  5. Mukha pa rin namang masarap eh kahit simple lang ang presentation! Pero I've never ever tried pasta with sardines. Without the bones the na yung sardines? (Sorry if my question sounds stupid, haha)

  6. You can do so much with pasta no? I love pasta myself. specially the cheesy ones. I love the tomato based sauces than the creamy ones. I've tried sardines in pasta. I use the spanish style sardines... and used pesto as the sauce. I also substitute ingredients myself. Sometimes, I use leftovers for pasta toppings.

  7. oh yummy i love oilbased pasta!!

  8. @realmofadreamer - Yup! We used spanish sardines. Ang sarap pala. We'll try cooking this again this week and we'll use kesong puti this time instead of quickmelt.

    @Karla - Haha! Thanks. We really love pasta in the family. It's the easiest to cook kasi whenever we feel like experimenting with dishes.

    @bachuchoy - Hi sis! Thanks for dropping by as well. You should try this type of pasta dish. Masarap din siya.

    @kimmy - Thanks much! :)

    @Madz - Next time bibili na kami ng plates fit for pasta dishes. Haha! Masarap naman ang pasta w/ spanish sardines. And yup, still with bones (we only took out the bay leaf from the jar's contents).

    @Chew On This - Yup, we love experimenting with the ingredients when we cook pasta. One time we found this cream-based pasta w/ ground beef and bacon recipe in a magazine, we ended up subsituting most of the ingredients in it pag niluluto namin hanggang naging tuna pasta na.

    @[pinkc00kies] - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yup, masarap nga ang oil-based pasta.

  9. It looks good. I too, have not tried to eat pasta with sardines.


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