February 10, 2011

Online Assistance for Unresourceful Children

"S is the quintessential overachiever, who excels at almost everything in school. C is her brother, an average student."

I have nothing against helping students with their homework. But when it goes down to actually "doing" the assignments for them, then I think we have a problem. Who would find it cute when you get a text at 10PM for an assignment that is due the next day? My own parents would never have allowed that. What's worse, these kids aren't even resourceful enough to consult the library first before running to their elders for answers.

It's frustrating really. For a Grade 5 and a Grade 3 pupil, we shouldn't be spoon feeding them answers. Homework, after all, is there to gauge how much the child has learned from his/her lessons in school. How hard can it be for parents to realize that? I don’t want them to grow up thinking this is a practice worthy to be emulated. This Online Assistance for Unresourceful Children has got to stop.


  1. hi im new here!

    you're absolutely right. that's not very tolerable even for a grade-schooler to be that irresponsible.

  2. If they don't know how to work hard now, they will never know how to survive on their own, in the future. I pity the children who grow up like these... they're so kawawa in the end. I'm so happy and lucky my parents weren't enablers! My dad grounded me one summer because my average was below 85 --- but my parents naman are exagge din!

  3. @ais - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yup, you're right. The habit is pretty irritating. What's worse is that my mom is sort-of tolerating this since she pities those kids because their own mom is too busy with work to check on their schoolwork.

    @Crix - I can only imagine what would happen once they reach high school. Will they have their research paper done by someone else too? My mom is sort of becoming an enabler na rin, since she feels guilty that the mom of these kids (her younger sister) is too busy to even be bothered with her children's schoolworks.

  4. True! No wonder tutorial centers are popping up everywhere. I myself am guilty of doing last minute art projects for kids, but only after their moms beg to my irritation, still this doesn't absolve me of the charge.

    If I were the teacher, no matter how perfect the homework or project is, if I learned someone else did it, I would def give a failing grade, 0 for effort.

    Sadly, it is also the teachers themselves who are sidelining as tutors because they need the extra pay. So it's just become a sick cycle that scares the hell out of me!

    So where exactly do we start the change?


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