March 4, 2011

There’s the silver lining!

I had been in a foul mood for the past few days. My BB Social subscription screwed up and I couldn't login to both UberSocial and Twitter for BB. Yes, I have a lot of Twitter clients on my phone. Haha! That's because I tweet most of the time when I vent out or rave about things when I'm too lazy to blog at the moment. My sister googled every possible solution but none managed to solve the problem. I restrained myself from throwing a fit whenever "no access token" or "twitter services are currently unavailable" alerts would appear on the phone's LCD. 

I don't know why or what happened, but today the silver lining I was looking for finally manifested itself. Maybe it's because we switched to the new twitter? It's the only reason plausible because battery pulls (I did countless of those!), updating the OS and reinstalling apps never worked.  Oh well, I am just so happy. Today's Friday and I'm in a good mood. I even bought my favorite Cornetto flavor to celebrate the occasion.

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