March 29, 2011

F@#% you, Canon!

That's it, this should serve as a lesson for me not to trust any freebie campaigns in the future. Guess what Canon Customer Care replied to me yesterday after I made another follow-up on my freebie and warranty card?

Oh the nerve! You couldn't even get your date right? My sarcastic self kicked in and I furiously typed a reply...

I googled this little misleading promo and apparently I'm not the only one dissatisfied with the way they're handling customer service for freebies they offer. Some receive their stuff three months after registering on-line and sometimes, the photography book isn't even included. Friends, again the freebies aren't the issue here. It's transparency.

They should've made it clear to their distributors that the promo was only until December 31, 2010 (if that's what they really meant in the email). When we bought the camera, we were told that as long as we register the purchase on-line then were are eligible for the promo.

So there. If you've made it this far, sorry for having to read through my rant. I just needed to blow off some steam. This will be the last time I shall ever talk of this issue. Good thing I bought a camera bag already. Maghihintay lang pala ako sa wala.


  1. It's better to let it out sis. And also, more importantly, they should know that they have a lot of dissatisfied customers already.

  2. Super lot of dissatisfied customers talaga. Oh well, bahala nalang ang karma sa kanila. I love their products but their (email) customer service agents really suck!

  3. Nice reply. Hehe. Papalusot lang, mali pa date.


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