March 26, 2011

Unplugged + my Hainanese chicken experience

Less than 24 hours after our modem’s plug exploded, we’re back online! Thank you Globe for that fast turnaround time on our request. Now I can catch up on my blogging and the backlog we’ve missed over those hours that we were unplugged.

Speaking of which, allow me to share these photos I took yesterday when we tried out Kenny Roger’s Hainanese Chicken. I’ve been raring to try any version of this famous chicken recipe since I’m too broke to go abroad and I know of no restaurant here in Cebu who offers it. I tell you, food photography does wonders!

The actual dish was underwhelming (size-wise) but it still managed to satisfy my palate. Now I know why they always use a whole chicken for this. 1/4 will never be enough. 

Looks like we’ve finally found our next culinary experiment.

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