March 23, 2011

Sweet Valley, a decade later…


Why, oh why did I not know about this until today? The latest Sweet Valley book, Sweet Valley Confidential, hits the stands on March 29 and this will explore what our favorite characters have been up to after high school. Suddenly I became a giddy teenager once more. The books had been such a huge part of my teenage years that I grew up wanting to be like Elizabeth Wakefield. It was only when I got older that I realized she was such a Mary Sue character. Jessica, on the other hand, had much more depth since she wasn’t really depicted as a goody-two-shoes type of teenager. 

Based on the preview chapter, Liz is now living in New York and does not seem to be in good terms with her twin. A re-hash of the conflicts in the Elizabeth series? What did Jessica do this time to incur her sister’s wrath? What happened to Todd, Enid, Lila, Bruce, Winston and the rest of gang?

I hope the book doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment like SVH: Senior Year (I hated the new characters). I wonder when it’ll be released in the Philippines, huh? *makes mental note to email Fully Booked and NBS by next week*


  1. Omigosh sis! I wouldn't have known they were back if you didn't post about them. I grew up with them too. I've been reading their books since I was in 6th grade. My sister and I were crazy about them. It was a special day when we get to have one new Sweet Valley book. I can't wait to read their comeback! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I'm excited!

  3. aww, I used to beg my parents to buy me Francine Pascal. :D Wow, a decade later, I'm still excited. I am definitely buying this.

  4. I guess this must be a sign for me to finally read SVH. Would you believe that I have not read a single book from SVH?! Hehe, masyado akong nahilig sa Mystery/Suspense plots.

  5. I also missed the characters you mentioned sis! I love Sweet Valley!:)


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