March 19, 2011

Just Their Luck

Now where's Lady Luck when you need her the most, huh? The results of the 2010 Bar Exams just confirmed my worst fears. No, I wasn't one of the examinees. I've decided ages ago that law will never be a career option for me. But my friends? They've set their heart into this. They've hurdled four grueling years of law school that it breaks my heart not to see them on that list for three years now.

Was it because they never took it all-together? (one took it a year later)

I went through the results countless of times. Even my sister helped in double-checking. I saw some familiar names. But none of those I really wanted to see. A few phone calls and text messages later,  we managed to clear the air. I don’t think they’ll have another go at this anytime sooner.  Everyone has had enough. The bright side of everything? This might just be the sign for them to pursue other interests than a law career. The justice system’s loss will definitely be another industry’s gain.

Which is why I can’t wait for our get-together in May. The trip itinerary is still hazy. But it doesn’t matter where we’ll go actually. What’s important is that I spend some quality time with my best gal pals in the world.


  1. They could still get a career in that field kahit hindi lawyer. Four years of education on that field will still say a lot in a CV :) So they don't really have to give it up altogether.

  2. Aww..I know how you feel. When I passed the Nursing licensure exam, I was happy but at the same time sad because my friends who wanted to be a nurse more than me did not pass. :( However, sometimes it is not about passing or failing. Sure, you may have passed the exam but it does not guarantee a sure job. It is all how determined your friends are to be in the field of law.

    Btw, I agree with Anne. :) Your friends could still have a career in that field. I think if they are willing to go to Manila, they could try to apply as a publishing specialist in Thomson Reuters. I saw their ad and they need someone with knowledge in law. :)

    PS. You have an award from me. Please get it here: :)

  3. Too bad sis. Though my career doesn't require an exam to be licensed or legit, I know how grueled and frustrated they must have felt, BUT if they still really want to pursue, I'm sure they'll study and work harder than ever the next time they decide to take it.


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