March 13, 2011

All work and no play…

Makes me a dull girl? Hmmm, almost. I just realized I never once took a week-long vacation last year. No beach outings, no out-of-town trips... nada! I was stuck being a corporate slave. Or maybe I was just too much of a homebody.

But nevertheless, I'm working on changing my luck this year. Summer is meant to be enjoyed, right? And I'm doing just that. For someone who has never been out of the city in like eight years, I have a trip to Manila planned in April (work reasons). Yayyy! So excited to see my friends who are already based there. Plus I have this summer outing of our department to look forward to. Woohoo, beach time!

Then by May, it's reunion time for me and my best buddies from college. The fact that we've been friends for almost a decade now is still so surreal. One of them proposed that we go to Coron to celebrate the first time that all 5 of us will be together. The thing is, I'm not sure my budget would permit that. Kuripot na kung kuripot, but I have some bills to pay noh! I’ll just have to cross the bridge when we get there. Bahala na si Batman. I’m sure we can work something out.


  1. It's good to hear that sis. :) Ganyan talaga minsan pag may regular work. Dati din work, work, work lang ako and even assignment sa work. Kaya nilulubos ko lang din ang free time ko ngayon habang unemployed at pasideline sideline lang, hehe.

    At least madami ka ng plans this summer sis. I hope matuloy ang Coron outing nyo. I saw pics of the place and it looks really lovely. :)

    Sis, saan pala ang location mo? You mentioned kasi that you have a trip to Manila. :)

  2. @Karla - Hi sis! I'm actually from Cebu.

    Wish ko rin na sana matuloy nga ang trip namin this May. Kahit hindi sa Coron, basta I get to spend time with my friends lang. It's been years since we were last complete na magkakasama.


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