March 6, 2011

Dare to DAIR?

I know not many people share my fondness for this ‘ship, but I credit Dan/Blair for finally making me watch a show I had been avoiding for the past three seasons. Yes people, they are this show’s Pacey and Joey whether you like it or not. They may not be the endgame couple but the reaction to their build-up wasn’t as negative as many had expected. In fact, they may have dragged former viewers into watching the show again.
I personally welcome this development because I am probably the only one not enamored by the character of Chuck Bass. Yes, he and Blair make a dynamic, twisted couple but there’s too much negativity between them already. It would be healthier if both spend time apart from each other.
So yes, I’m enjoying my Dair scenes while I can. The 6 weeks wait for the next episode is too agonizing to think about. Plus, we get Prince Louis again. Is this turning into a three-way fight for Miss Waldorf?


  1. oh wow, I didn't know they hooked up in the show. Must watch them again. I hope Dan could rub some goody goody sense into Blair too :) ... what will Serena say about this?

  2. I used to watch that show, like 2 years ago. Didn't suspect they would pair up Blair and Dan, I'm not totally against it, but it just feels like everyone's been with everyone already, if you get what I mean?

  3. Dare to Dair

  4. @Anne - Not really hooked up yet, more like secret friendship.;) Hehe! Pero the cliffhanger before the hiatus was a kiss between them to test if there's really something more than friendship sa kanila. And it's cute, mas maaliwalas ang mood ni Blair if they hang-out together. Serena doesn't know though (yet), and neither does Chuck.

    @Madz - I think that's really the whole premise of the show, to mix and match partners. Since they've taken the liberty of veering from what was in the books, anybody's ballgame na on who will end up together. Which is why I don't invest myself in TV 'ships anymore. Maha-heartbroken ka lang.

    @Anonymous - Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I haven't even finished watching season3 yet, and my sisters say na Dan-Blair affair has turned things around. I think I should start watching now...

    Btw, I don't like Chuck Bass too!


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