March 22, 2011

Still waiting…

It's been 2 months and 14 days since we bought Yogi, but until now I have yet to receive my 3 year warranty card and the freebies (Tamrac bag + photography book) that were supposed to come with my purchase. Frustrating is an understatement. I've emailed Canon's customer service countless 5 times already and I keep getting the same generic answer. So what's a poor customer left to do? Wait, of course.

One thing this experience taught me was to stretch my patience a little longer, especially after a friend mentioned that she received her stuff three months after she had registered for it. I'm close to the threshold... what's another two weeks, right?

Canon better make good with their promise to deliver those stuff once they have the bag available. Freebies aside, I fretted because they never delivered as what was promised on the website. The three-week waiting period stretched for weeks and is now nearing the three-month mark. As a customer, wouldn't you be frustrated as well?

For the meantime, I'm buying a back-up camera bag.


  1. I hope you get your freebies soon. Companies shouldn't advertise something if it won't be readily available.

  2. They should have given those the moment you bought the camera. I love Canon pero nakaka disappoint naman yan. :P

  3. @Sheng and Madz - I'm not betting on it. Hindi ko nalang iniisip lately because I'd end up getting frustrated again. But if wala pa talagang dumating by the end of this month, siguro naman it's my right to throw a fit already. Hehe! I love Canon too but their customer service sucks!

  4. You have all the right in the world to complain! So far, Canon here in MNL, at least, has been good to me (and I've been there a couple of times for after sales service and repairs). I hope they deliver over there, too. If not, let me know. I'll make some calls over here. :)


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