March 5, 2011

The Oscars: almost a week after...

Good thing Rush decided not to wear a hat...
In my super-dooper delayed Oscars post, let me just share my ecstatic reaction over the victory of The King's Speech. They won in 4 of the 12 categories they were nominated in! Regardless of what haters may say, I loved that flick. It was inspiring. Flicks about royal families always have that effect on me. (Yeah, elitist bitch-mode lang) It would've been lovely if Geoffrey Rush won in the supporting category as well because his performance as Lionel Logue was equally as affecting as Colin Firth's George VI. 

My only disappointment was that 'I See The Light' lost in the Best Song category. The winner proved to be a worthy competitor though. It is understandable why the Oscar nod went that way. But how gorgeous were Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi in their performance? They should've performed the song in its entirety!

Why does he look tanned? The picture doesn't do him justice. :(
I'll skip the gown posts this time since a gazillion blog entries have already been devoted to that. Don't you just love awards season? It's always a welcome change to see the stars dressed to their nines. Now for next year's ceremony, can they get Sandra Bullock as a host please?


  1. I still haven't had the chance to watch King's Speech :( wala na yata sa cinemas because I visited Megamall friday and it wasn't on the list. Did I miss it already? And yes, I didn't recognize chuck with that tan :)

  2. @Anne - I don't think pinalabas na dito yung The King's Speech, sis. Yung akin kasi sa deebeedee ko lang napanood.


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