April 13, 2011

16 days before the Royal Wedding of the Decade!

Forgive the enthusiasm. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with royal weddings. Is it the fashion? Is it the newlyweds themselves? Or is it presence of royal families from all over Europe arriving to to celebrate this joyous occasion with the couple?

Two weeks from now, William of Wales will marry Miss Catherine Middleton in what is touted to be the wedding of the decade. And it falls on a Friday! Bummer. I’m actually thinking of filing for a leave on that date just so I can watch the televised coverage together with my sister. Yeah, couch potatoes FTW!

But prior to the big day, Lifetime will be releasing a television movie chronicling this famous couple’s love story starting when they were students at St. Andrew’s University. Funny how TV!William barely resembles the real one even with that accent while TV!Kate’s (errr, better start calling her Catherine from now on) features are stronger than that of her real-life counterpart.

Are you as excited for the wedding as I am?

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