April 14, 2011

Summer = Burnout?

What is it with summer and burnouts? Lately it has become a repetitive cycle in our company. People start to get bored and yearn to get out between March to May. Once it normalizes around June, those who stay now wait in anticipation of the 13th month pay and the perks of the holiday season. Then it's back to square one again when the new year comes in. 

Is it really that hard to find contentment nowadays? Or people just yearn for growth too much? All these talks about leaving make me sad. I never handle goodbyes well. More often I choose to face it blindly, as if it’s the white elephant in the room. But I know that there will come a time for me to seek greener pastures outside my comfort zone. I just hope I’ll be ready by then… and that it won’t be too hard for me to say goodbye.

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