April 3, 2011

All by myself… at Red Ribbon–Ayala Center Cebu

Red Ribbon Ayala holds a lot of memories for me. Back in college, me and my friends would usually eat there whenever we would hang-out at the mall in-between classes. I love their menu choices. Who could say no when they include a slice of cake to cap off a hearty meal?

Just this year, they decided to renovate the store’s over-all look to accommodate more customers and dine-in patrons. I’m loving the spacious interiors! So when I went to do the groceries earlier today, I decided to try out their pan-grilled pork chop meal. Yup, I ate alone. My sister was sick and had to stay at home. I even forgot to bring Yogi (our Canon 1000D) so forgive the blurry photos from my Blackberry.

The meal was quite a surprise. The vinegar (w/ chopped garlic bits) complemented the pork chop really well. I loved how the meat was so tender that it was easy to separate the bone while eating. And the cake! I chose the S’mores Chocolate Cake because it has been a favorite of ours since we had it for Christmas years ago. You can never go wrong with Red Ribbon cakes. There’s always one that will suit your taste.

Overall, I was a happy foodie by the time I was done. I’d take this over the Kenny Roger’s meal anytime. Totally worth your every cent.


  1. You made me crave for cake XD

  2. I agree! Red Ribbon has great cakes, specifically their chocolate heaven. YUM!

  3. I love that cake too! =) I usually have Carbonara when eating at Red Ribbon though, instead of rice meals.

  4. wow! really love the cake!


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