April 12, 2011

Food coma at Bigby’s Café and Restaurant

Last Saturday, as promised, I treated my sister to brunch at Bigby’s Café and Restaurant. We were in the mood for a food trip and since she wanted to eat there I gladly obliged. The thing with Bigby’s is that I can never decide what to order and when I finally do, I end up regretting it in the end. But it was cool since my sister clearly enjoyed our food coma. 

I had Deep Sea Pasta. Bad choice. I was not in the mood for aligue sauce that day. I ended up feeling bloated afterwards.
My sister had Shrimply Divine Pasta.
Dippy Doodle Doo was a bad choice; should've opted for Blossoming Spinach Dip instead.
So for dessert, off we went to Red Mango. There’s nothing like good frozen yogurt to comfort me after a week at work.

Froyo topped with cornflakes and cheesecake

Next time I’m definitely insisting that we spend it at SM since I already know Ayala like the back of my hand. Besides, I’m missing The White Hat too.

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