April 24, 2011

How Globe almost ruined my Holy Week…

Last Wednesday’s fiasco with Globe was strike two on my list. Our internet connection chose this prolonged weekend to die on us and it was pure torture. Thank goodness I still had my Blackberry. It was hard to stay unplugged when we’ve become slaves of technology. After four days of getting an earful from my calls (irate customer –> ME), technicians finally dropped by the house this afternoon to fix our connection.

So now we’re back online, but the connection is still far from satisfactory. Can anyone say dial-up?

I’m trying to catch-up big time on all the things I’ve missed for the past four days. Next week’s bound to be a very busy one for me. For one there’s The Royal Wedding – I’m very excited for this (parang a-attend naman!) but it’s a bit overkill how networks are trying to milk the event for all its worth. And please, stop with the Diana – Kate comparison. You’re not making it easy for the lady.

Today we’ve also finished buying the basic necessities I need for my quickie trip to Manila on April 30. Yes people, the trip is finally pushing through. But it’s all business, a team building of sorts as what they say. It’s a quickie trip because we fly in on the 30th and leave on the evening of May 1st. Haha! Good luck if we can squeeze in some malling in between.

So how was your Holy Week?

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