April 6, 2011

Oh why so difficult, Summer?

I seem to be jinxed when it comes to travel-related concerns. Remember that Manila trip I had blogged about a few weeks ago? Yup, you guessed it right... cancelled! Not that I'm sulking about it. I was kind of relieved actually. It's hard to push through with a trip when the people you'd be with are half-hearted about the event you'll be attending. Let's leave it as cryptic as that. At least I got to spend the money on something more useful. 

Another dilemma that came up recently was the choice of summer getaway for me and my college friends this coming May. We cannot seem to agree where to spend those two days together! Chances are, the destination will be a spur-of-the-moment choice of the group by May 26th. Oh well, I just hope this one will push through. I definitely need a breather and I could use their company even for just two days. 

Dear Summer, be kind to me. I know I'm not an outdoor-type of person but I really want to enjoy this year and I hope you'll cooperate as well.

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