November 7, 2011

Elusive culinary experiment.

It frustrates me that we can never seem to complete the ingredients in making kimbap/gimbap. We’ve been on it since we tasted one during the Korean day celebration last month. Because I couldn’t stop blabbing about it, my sister figured it would be best if we tried to make our own. It was easier said than done. The nori sheets were easier to find but the bamboo mat was elusive. I couldn’t find any at the grocery store. This leaves us with no choice but to try a Korean grocery that my friend suggested. Hopefully we can have that accomplished this coming weekend.

The Seoul Restaurant's (@Gaisano Country Mall) Gimbap - P150 
I personally prefer it more than sushi since you can work with many variations on the filling. Plus it doesn’t need any sauce at all. Hopefully once we can perfect our own version I’ll get to bring one as my office baon.:) It’s a great diet… and not that messy.

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