November 15, 2011

One thing off my culinary bucket list.

My sister realized that the only way to shut me up regarding my obsession with rice rolls is to actually make one for ourselves. So began our quest to make kimbap. It wasn’t easy. The ingredients were hard to find in our usual grocery stores. Thankfully, a friend of mine suggested ASSI Mart. I should’ve listened to her in the first place. It would have saved us the time and effort of grocery-hopping just to complete everything that we needed. 

Only two rolls sliced so far...
For a budget of less than a thousand, including the basic condiments, we were able to make 10 rolls. How’s that for eating kimbap to your heart’s content? :) Definitely saves me more money than ordering it from a Korean restaurant where a roll would cost you anywhere between P130 – P160 pesos. I just had this for dinner. ONLY THIS. So yes, I’m shutting up now.

The ingredients alone allowed us to make 9 rolls. NINE ROLLS!!!
I'm bringing some as my baon ^___^
In fact, I’m saving some as my office baon for later. How does a rice roll diet sound? Hehe! This is one of the good things that came out of me reading So Delushious. You get so inspired to cook. Can’t wait for our next culinary experiment!

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