November 13, 2011

Oh to be young and in-love!

Just when I’ve given up hope on my TV ‘ships, these two come to save the day. Hotch/Prentiss is a no-go on Criminal Minds while Gossip Girl writers can’t seem to make-up their minds about Dan/Blair (yes Humphrey, it’s probably about the ‘hairstyle’). Thankfully, the Sheriff/Emma interactions on Once Upon A Time are pure gold and definitely something to look forward to. I love how their story is playing out. It’s cute how he has this crush on her but she’s just nonchalant about it. And we’re not even on yet to the secret behind her birthright (she’s Snow White’s daughter) and his possible fairytale counterpart (I still stay, The Huntsman).

OUAT is one of my guilty pleasures this season. I thought I would hate it, but I have come to love their modern spin on the classic fairytales we all loved as kids. It sort of reminds me of Shrek with all these storybook characters interconnected in some way. Oh, and after seeing some spoiler pictures from the seventh episode, my love for these two above grew exponentially. How can you not love the adorable Jamie Dornan and Jennifer Morrison?

Confused? I suggest you check out the show if you can. I'm sure you will all love it as much as I do. :)

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