July 26, 2010

I’d rather have you off my TV screens…

Yes, there are just some people we cannot stand to see on television. It's not just because we cannot stand their personality. It could either be we've grown tired of hearing their issues or they just don't have what it takes to leave a lasting impression on the small screen. Networks just couldn't care less because these people rake in big bucks for the company. But if I really had a choice, here are just some of those I would permanently boot off my TV screen:


CHARICE - *ducks from tomatoes thrown by rabid fans* I do not care if people would say we should be proud of her because she is Pinoy. The girl is just unlikeable. Even when she's trying to sound humble and overwhelmed about her achievements, part of it still comes off snotty. And it doesn't help that she has such... uhhhmm, how would I say it... passionate fans who don't seem to realize that people are entitled to their own opinions about liking her or not. Don't even get me started about that Glee guesting.

MELASON - Never did, and still couldn't get the "masa" appeal their loveteam supposedly embodied. Melai's manner of speaking irritates me to no end and Jason's "deer-caught-in-the-headlights" look isn't really helping either. But yeah, people love them so I guess we're stuck with their antics for now.

KRIS AQUINO - Opinions on her are quite polarizing. One minute you'll love her candidness, the next thing you'll know is that she has effortlessly stolen your thunder. The lady thrives in attention. I'm just thankful she decided to give up SNN and The Buzz. One can only take that much with regards to another person's personal life.

MARIAN RIVERA - She used to be so likeable when she was doing afternoon soaps. What happened? Ohhh, right... Dingdong Dantes. Somehow when these two gravitated towards becoming a couple their likeability factor waned for me.

Before anyone thinks I have such crab mentality in me for only listing local artists, I have my beef with some foreign ones too. Like how I could never get the swooning over Taylor Lautner when he's just pretty meehh to me. Again it's nothing personal. I just don't like their faces being shoved at viewers constantly just short of hero-worshipping them.

This, is my Carnival entry for the week. :)

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  1. You're not alone for disliking Charice. Does she always have to make birit all the time? We've had enough of Celine Dion, thank you very much. I'd like it better if she acts her age. Pero alam mo, I feel she's a genuinely nice girl, di pa lang niya alam kung ano ang bagay sa kanyang musicality. Just my 2 cents.

    So true on this Melason duo. I'm no PBB fan pero I was super flabbergasted when they were given this 30-minute daily show before Showtime. As in big time sila?! Asan ang stay quality? The girl can't even slow down or speak English correctly to save her own life.

    Pareho tayo kay Kris Aquino! Pero it's gonna be less exciting, methinks. Hahaha!

    Marian Rivera and I attended the same university under the same college pero never ko siyang nakita. Until one of my staff members decided to feature her for our laboratory publication. Sa print ko na lang siya nakita. Hahaha! I heard she was annoyingly loud and, thanks to her TVCs, she can't even pronounce common words like "beautiful" correctly. Anubeh! Pero I have to admit she's one eyecandy.

    Nice entry! :D


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