July 19, 2010

Sky Cable goes digital…

Cebu City suffers from the misfortune of being stuck with Sky Cable as its only cable provider. There's Dream Satellite TV though but it's not as well-known in regular households. Now just imagine my sister's horror when she woke up two days ago to realize we were left with only 54 channels in our lineup - one channel short of KBS World. What? No K-drama fix? NOOOO! So off we are to subscribe to Sky's Silver Package for their digital offer. Anything for the love of extra channels to boot. I'm getting ETC and 2nd Avenue back! Besides, it's the closest thing we'll ever get to TiVo anyways.

Speaking of television, it feels weird not having any World Cup games to look forward to these days. Did one month just flew by in a snap? I miss my La Roja guys. Shallow as it may sound, the fact that they were eye-candies made it all the more easier to root for their team. Thank goodness for Tumblr though. That site feeds my need for Xabi, Iker and Nando picspams with occasional La Roja guapitos on the side.

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