November 5, 2010

Dearly beloved brother...


Is it too much too ask that you live within your means? Every month, this never fails to be an issue in this household. You are earning your own keep. Learn to budget. Stop with investments that you can't even afford. Better yet, learn how to say no. Remember that you are only human. You cannot solve every problem that your friends have. Now that we're at it, can you also be honest with us? It's not all the time we can clean up after your mess, you know?

Your disappointed sisters


  1. Is he the only guy in the family?I mean besides your dad? buuuut yeah, your brother and I have something in common, I don't know how to budget! I'm an impulsive buyer like that. tss!


  2. I hope your brother will be able to read this or at least know how you feel about what he's doing. Have you tried to talk about it with him? :)

  3. @Em - But at least you're living alone and you are managing your own finances. My brother, unfortunately, has gotten used to the fact that we always have his back whenever he runs short of cash.

  4. @Madz - Yup, we did. It's like talking to a blank wall. He never listens to any intervention from family members. All we can do is hope that someday he comes to his senses and decides to grow up.


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