November 17, 2010

William and Kate: Well it's about time!

I'm taking baby steps towards straightening my finances. Last Monday, I opened an ATM savings account with the intention of being a wise spender once I receive my 13th month pay. Easier said than done, huh? Truth be told, I'm excited to test the limits of my budgeting skills. This should translate to less foodtrips and sensible shopping investments (wardrobe, shoes, gadgets) without going overboard on the alloted budget for the month.
So while I channel my inner Becky Bloomwood, it is with great joy that I blog about Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. According to the news, the couple are to marry sometime next year. Yayyy! I love royal weddings. It's like a family reunion for Europe's royal families who are mostly descended from the late Queen Victoria of England.
Trivia: We had a tape of the Charles/Diana wedding on betamax. Everyone at home forgot about it until August of 1997 when the princess passed away in a car crash. Now, no one knows where it is again.
Good thing my teenage crush on Wills has long been over. Superficial as it may seem, he is no longer as dashing as before. I guess it's true that you tend to get more territorial over your celebrity crushes when you're in your teens. Once you get older, you simply couldn't care anymore. Now it's one royal bachelor down. At least Prince Harry's still available, right?


  1. At long last! I browse a British paper's website everyday at work, and I find it odd that Britons don't like Kate. They've actually taken to calling her Waity Katy x_x

  2. I also opened a savings account, unfortunately it did not change my spending status. =)

  3. We have savings accounts also but they are only in their maintaining balances. Got a really bad blow after the house construction but right now we're trying to save again and pay debts as well. Hope to be debt free in the future!

  4. Lemme guess, The Daily Mail? My sister browses that site for her latest showbiz updates. Sometimes news that has not made it to US shows yet actually originate there.

    Yeah, I wonder why some don't like her. She's loads better than all of William's other girlfriends IMO.:)

  5. That's what happened to my passbook savings account before. We kind of neglected setting aside a portion every month until we had used up even the maintaining balance. But yeah, being debt-free is definitely my long term goal.

  6. Hopefully things would turn out different for me, sis. =)

  7. After reading this, you're probably going to think twice about fancying Harry ;)

    Dropping by from GT :)

  8. prince william unfortunately inherited his dad's receding hairline...not so hunkilicious anymore


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