November 3, 2010

The Next Big Thing: Mara Clara’s teens


These kids are just too cute for words. Not to encourage love teams or anything, but I think they are part of the reason why Mara Clara is rating well despite it being a revived soap opera. The story is formulaic; switched-at-birth kids, an evil family member and a long-kept secret that could destroy both families once revealed. But keeping the characters up-to-date with modern times has made viewers sympathetic with Clara, captivated by Mara’s positivity in life and seething with rage at Kiray Desiree’s mean girl antics. Let’s face it. Kiray is such a scene-stealer in this show, eh?

My sister, who is known to abhor tween pairings, actually looks forward to the show every night. These teens can actually give those kids from the other network (*cough*Tween Hearts*cough*) a run for their money given the proper projects and workshops to hone their craft. I never even thought introducing Christian this early would work for the plot. His scenes with Mara are starting to grow on me lately. Makes me miss high school life. Haha!


  1. Hi Rose! for someone my age, I get "kilig" with Mara and Christian haha and I wonder why I did not get to see Judy Ann's & Gladys' Mara Clara before. tsk! I think it's either I have school or it was vacation and I'm always away every summer. =))


  2. @Em - Oh you're not alone. The Albie (Christian) certainly knows how to make smooth-talk na kahit si Mara eh kinikilig na rin albeit secretly. Haha! I am too old for this... but I don't care!

  3. I've only seen some episodes but i like it already... the teen actors are very good noh, especially the one the plays MARA. i liked her already when she played "Anna" in Magkaribal. She's very pretty, too, for me at least. I haven't gotten into the habit of watching it though, but maybe I'll get into it in the next weeks!


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