November 7, 2010

My Grown-Up Christmas Wishlist

I'd be a hypocrite to say I don't crave for material things. I do. In fact, every December we've made it as a project to save up for a certain gadget or appliance that we fancy. Everything is paid in cash. The credit card is considered an evil entity in this household as long as spending patterns aren't normalized. And because I have bills to worry about, wishlists are the only way I'm motivated to work even harder for the things I really want. Allow me to share to you ten things I really want to receive (or buy) this holiday season, or hopefully by 2011.


A Canon 1000D camera - Not for me, per se, but rather for my sister. She has an eye for taking great pictures and I want to encourage that talent. Besides, we need a new camera if we are to push through with that summer trip to Tandag next year. Who knows, this might translate to better profile photos on Facebook right?


A Xabi Alonso soccer jersey - An imitation would be fine, but an original (branded) one would be even better. Those who know me are aware of how much I adore this guy. Who wouldn't love the name Xabi, eh? My World Cup 2010 memories bring me nothing but pure joy because of him and the rest of La Roja. If only the guy can be cloned.

An all-expenses paid trip (one week) to any provincial destination of my choice - I say this time and time again... I am in need of a long-overdue one week vacation. Working in a BPO environment can be very toxic. Once in a while, you need to de-stress yourself to relieve the pressures of the job. If someone offers me a (free) tour of Vigan or Iloilo for that matter, I'd haggle for leave credits from my boss and gladly go on that trip without batting an eyelash.

A domain of my own ( - Pretty far-fetched for now since I have no credit card. But who knows? Right now I'm enjoying my renewed interest in blogging. It's always nice to read through your past entries and realize how much you've grown emotionally (and physically!) since you wrote it.

DVDs (original ones) of my favorite TV series – Ugly Betty, Modern Family, Criminal Minds. Any of those three would be fine. Ugly Betty keeps me grounded and focused with my attitude at work. Modern Family provides me the necessary humor I need in my stress-filled life. Criminal Minds is my form of escapism on what it would be like if profiling was my current job.

I might add more but these are the immediate answers that came to my mind when coming up with this year’s wishlist. I never did one for my birthday so I think this should be aptly called, “my birthday-slash-christmas wishlist for 2010”.


  1. You won't necessarily need a credit card to own a domain. All you need is to find a local web hosting company as they usually provide both domain and hosting packages. You pay through bank. The best thing about having a local web company take care of your website is that they are more accessible, you can call them for assistance during regular work hours. That's the setup I have for my two websites. So far so good. :)

  2. Hello Rose! I loved backreading your posts, added your blog to my bookmarks :D

    I got a credit card in July this year and the first thing I bought was a domain for my blog. I was almost in tears after I did it, I kid you not! Gosh I am such a nerd haha!

    And oh oh oh I looooove Ugly Betty! :)

  3. Wow, that's nice. I never knew that. I'd really love to have my own domain. Any suggestions as to what could be a good local web host? Thanks for dropping by. It means a lot to read your suggestion.

  4. Hi Krissy! Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is in my daily "to-read" list already. :) I love your posts... it inspires me to keep on blogging.

    I really hope I can get my own domain soon. *crosses fingers*

    Ohhh, and Ugly Betty? Love it! They kind of lost their groove during the 2nd and 3rd seasons but the story picked up by the last season. Too bad they were never renewed. Betty was such an inspiration.

  5. hangingbridge11/8/10, 6:39 PM

    hope you get what you wish for this Christmas :) an out of town trip would be really nice :)


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