November 26, 2010


How can you not love an account who celebrates Thanksgiving? Yayyy, no work for me tonight! It’s the first time I actually get to enjoy the perks of the celebration ever since I started working for a BPO company. I was always the loser who had to work on holidays.

But there’s still a lot to be thankful for this 2010. I’ve had my own share of hits and misses but I choose to remember the blessings I’ve been given.


My promotion came just when I needed it the most. It was not about the money; I was thisclose to giving up because of the working environment (incompetent boss, anyone?). Today I am in the company of the best in our field. My current boss is such an excellent mentor and I am learning a lot from her.


Yes, I will never get tired of blabbing about it. It was one of those events that made this year so memorable for me. I’ll probably even include this in my “the year that was” post by December 31st. My love for La Furia Roja has grown since I first saw them play against Switzerland. Oh, and while we’re at it… happy 29th birthday to my boyfriend husband love of my life, Xabi Alonso!


Not a great year for me, health-wise. But I’m surviving. Maybe it’s the stress of the new workload, or I’m just getting older and my immune system is failing me. Haha! Here’s to a sick-free 2011!

And lastly, I’m thankful for my friends and family. We’ve been through a lot through thick and thin. Thank you for keeping me grounded. Your company keeps me sane and things are brought into the right perspective whenever I seek your advice. 

So what are you most thankful about?

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  1. Blessings, blessings!! Don't we just love them? Thanks to that Man above who is responsible for all these!


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