July 12, 2011

I want a Kodak Playsport!

My birthday is next month, is it too late to make a wishlist? I'm really obsessing about this HD pocket video camera that I saw in Patty Laurel's blog. This would've been the perfect accessory to our San Remigio get-away and that #flyinflyoutmanila trip. Not that there's anything wrong with our DSLR. I just think home videos are quite fascinating too.

Trivia: Back in college, I was the designated videographer of our block. My (late) uncle was kind enough to let me borrow his trusty camcorder whenever we had school projects or class outings. But it was purely home video-style. I had no knowledge of video editing softwares and shots were spliced the old-fashioned way... through VCRs! Imagine how LOL-worthy our presentation on the life of Mao Zedong was for a PolSci class.

That said, I want to explore that interest again. From photography to directing. Nakkks! I'm aiming towards buying either a Playsport or a Flip mino before the year ends as my own Project 2011. Sometimes I scare myself. I'm so maluho with gadgets yet I never earn from them.:) But at least this is much cheaper than a DSLR which cost us an arm and a leg and a few months worth of savings.

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