July 6, 2011

Crazy, crazy day!

What a way to start your week after a holiday! This is why I should never take Mondays off. (I never learn!) Things get a little crazy once you get back to work the next day. And yeah, lesson learned? Spoon-feeding is the way to go. 

Perhaps this was the price I paid for that little white lie. But on to the good stuff… look what we experimented on over the weekend!

pasta w/out the toppings! (from Yummy's July issue)

Our very own version of Yummy's Breaded Spanish Sardines w/ Garlic-Basil Pasta
Yummy magazine’s proving to be very handy these days since we’re running out of dishes to try out. This pasta turned out okay despite our reservations however I think I preferred our version of the Pasta Puttanesca more. Zaragoza spanish-style sardines, FTW!

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