July 10, 2011

See you on the 14th, Harry!

I could hardly contain my glee when we finally purchased our tickets to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Saturday. Yes, I am watching it in IMAX with my sister and Isa. First showing, y’all! I would love to go on VL for that day but considering how stressful the account is recently with the current headcount, maybe I’ll just come in late. What’s the use of having a flexi schedule, right? :)

It’s just lovely how on Facebook, me and my friends from college could barely contain our excitement for the movie. Great minds think alike. I’m happy I convinced them to read the books almost a decade ago. The same way I got them to watch Star Wars Episodes IV – VI after seeing The Phantom Menace. Haha! I can be pretty convincing at times.

Watching the videos from the world premiere isn’t doing me any good. It makes me all the more hyped up for July 14. And yes, I’ve broken my promise of staying away from spoiler clips until I’ve seen the movie. Harry/Ginny ones are just hard to resist! But to be fair, I’ve only seen two and vowed to not watch anything else. Here’s one of my favorites:

Click at your own risk! It’s just a 26-seconds clip anyways but I love how they managed to get Ginny’s character right here. No dialogues, the action says it all.

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